Morialta Trust is now open to receiving applications for distributions.

Applications for 2017/18 distribution round are processed through this website.


If you are a new user

  1. Click on the Do You Qualify menu.
  2. Recieve a user name and password.
  3. Login to apply.

If you applied last time you can go ahead and login

  1. Login using your email address as your username and enter your password.
  2. Use the Password reset option to recover your password if required.

All applicants have to;

  1. Submit the online form by Friday 16th June 12noon
  2. Applicants will be notified in the week beginning Monday 28 August.

Morialta only accepts applications through this website. No other material will be considered.

Morialta and its Trust Fund

Morialta Trust have been improving the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and their families for over forty years. The trustees and associates of Morialta have achieved this through wise financial stewardship and our annual distribution programme.

Criteria for the Round
Through our annual distribution, Morialta funds organisations that respond to the isolation or disadvantage of infants, children, young adults and their parents in South Australia.

Our constitution requires us to fund organisations which assist disadvantaged children and hold both PBI and DGR status from the Australian tax office. If you do not have PBI and DGR status you are not eligible and you will be unable to complete the application.

Morialta looks favourably upon projects which include innovation, prevention and early intervention.
The maximum distribution to any single organisation in 2016 is expected to be of the order of $70,000. Distributions generally will be for smaller amounts of less than $20,000, depending on an organisation’s real need for funding support.

Donations made to Morialta support a wide range of community organisations and strategic projects. You can play a part in helping disadvantaged children and young people through Morialta Trust.

Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible and Morialta Trust welcomes the interest of private and corporate sponsors.

Contact our Administrator Mrs Kath Jones 0413 944 706 if you want more information about how any donations are used by Morialta.