June grant round delayed until Spring 2020

The South Australian community is living and working through a pandemic which has arrived on the back of one of our worst bush fire seasons.  Morialta Trust is acutely aware that the community is under considerable strain and organisations are under functional constraints. The COVID-19 outbreak affects all segments of our community and can be particularly detrimental to the more vulnerable of our society; families with lower income, people with complex health needs, those with disabilities, youth, and First Peoples. Some families and young people, due to their economic position, citizenship status, or geographical location stand to suffer disproportionately both from the pandemic and its aftermath – whether due to limited movement, interrupted education, fewer employment opportunities and increased xenophobia.

Minimising the impact of the pandemic is a priority, and the Morialta Trust is proud to network with organisations providing emergency support in and around Adelaide, in regional South Australia and in remote Aboriginal communities.

When we as a society return to a new normal of balancing social distancing with community engagement and can focus on longer term projects the Morialta Trust will be waiting to support the community.