Grant season 2021


Applications for 2021 Project Grant Funding:
  • Open on Monday 14th June
  • Close on Friday 23rd July 2021.

You will need to register with Morialta before you can commence an application. There is some work involved in submitting an application and we recommend that you commence this work before the last week of the application season.

A downloadable pdf of the application questions will be available the week grants open.

When applications open, Morialta will be calling for funding applications not exceeding $60k. 

In recent years Morialta has funded an average of 25 organisations per year. The funding average is under $20k. 

If you are not registered to receive communication from Morialta, please set up a login here.

If you have an unfinished project and therefore an outstanding acquittal you can still apply for this year’s funding, however, you must inform us by email regarding your acquittal date.