5 Tips for a Great Application

Morialta is often asked why some applications are unsuccessful, and how to make applications stronger. Here we give you the top 5 tips as identified by our grant assessors.

  1. Make sure that you include all of the information that is asked for. Too frequently, submitted information is incomplete or inaccurate. If your balance sheet or annual report is not submitted, or is for the wrong year, we won’t be chasing you to get it. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the required documentation is available. It might surprise you to hear that year a number of applicants provide us with financials from the wrong year or give us the wrong document altogether.  Those organisations will not be successful.
  2. Bear in mind that the Morialta organisation funds organisations that are supporting disadvantaged youth and children. Morialta will only fund organisations/ programs that have a demonstrable impact on that target group (including programs that have an indirect impact on youth and children. For example, supporting single mothers supports their children). Organisations and programs that demonstrate that they offer significant assistance to youth and children will always be viewed more favourably. If your organisation is not on about those people, you should look elsewhere for funding opportunities.
  3. Outcomes! Outcomes! Outcomes! Make sure that you describe clearly your end game – what your program is designed to achieve. Its great to hear what the program is, but also tell us why you are doing it, and importantly, how you will measure the effectiveness of your endeavours.
  4. Check your facts, and write as succinctly and clearly as you can. Make it as easy as you can for the people assessing the applications to understand what you are on about.
  5. Remember that the Morialta group has limited resources and this is a competitive process. Consequently, some worthy projects cannot be funded.