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I’m having trouble logging in

I’m having trouble logging in If you have having trouble logging in go to LOGIN menu and find the User Name and Password boxes. Enter your email address into the website and enter your password. If you password is incorrect then click here to reset it. If your email address is incorrect then …

Further Help

Further Help If this FAQ hasn’t resolved your problem then you should contact us. If you wish to talk to a person then the Contact page provides contact details including a mobile phone number. Alternatively you can leave a message through the Contact page. We aim to respond to your inquiry within 5 working days.

What are the funding criteria?

The Morialta constitution requires us to fund organisations which assist disadvantaged children and hold both PBI and DGR status from the Australian tax office.  The Qualification form will ask you whether your organisation is PBI and DGR. The grant application form will ask you to provide evidence of your entitlement through …

The qualify page or application page isn’t working

The qualify and or application page(s) aren’t working – or aren’t available The Morialta website is set to open the application process between specific dates each year.  Outside of that time the application page will remain unavailable to applicants. If the page isn’t available and it is in the correct …