Tips for a Great Application

We are often asked for tips on writing a successful funding application. Our Board who assesses each application has shared some helpful suggestions.

  1. Ensure your application is clear, complete, thorough, factual and accurate. Too often applications are incomplete or the message is not conveyed clearly enough.
  2. Ensure the necessary supporting documentation (ie balance sheet) is included, and check it is for the correct year! We will not follow you up for missing information.
  3. Funding eligibility requires your organisation (and the project/program that you are seeking funding for) to be supporting disadvantaged children, youth and/or their families. Morialta Trust will only assess applications from organisations that have a demonstrable impact on this group.
  4. Outcomes! Please ensure that you clearly describe the outcomes – what your program is designed to achieve and how you will measure the effectiveness.

Remember that whilst we would love to fund all the incredibly worthy applications that we receive each year, it is simply not possible. The Board undertakes a thorough and objective assessment process and if you miss out this year, we encourage you to apply again next year.